Our Mission

PTX Markets places utmost importance on partnering for success: We strive to build strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients, working together to achieve their trading goals and financial success and support their business growth from any size to a leading brand name, whether a Broker Dealer or Money Manager firms.

PTX Markets delivers a flexible and transparent trading environment to our client base of corporates, which includes family offices, emerging money managers, and brokerages.

To achieve our goals, PTX Markets provides end-to-end solutions to our clients, including low margin requirements, tight spreads, deep liquidity, and a completely customisable trading environment.

PTX Markets History

In 2022, Prime Trading Services Pty Ltd , received a Vanuatu Financial Services Licence (licence number 40429), made the investment into PTX Markets. Our team of experienced financial services professionals, together hold decades of experience in trading, market making, risk management and liquidity distribution in Southeast Asian & European derivatives markets. PTX Markets has developed an extensive network of liquidity connections, from Tier 1 institutions, algorithmic market makers & trading firms, as well as leading Prime of Prime brokers.

We are proud to do business and invest in Vanuatu; enabling our clients to access a secure and transparent trading environment through the PTX Markets platform, whilst also supporting the long term development of Vanuatu’s financial services industry.

PTX Markets is an emerging provider, and our clients value the rich relationships that we forge with them, developing a strong foundation of trust and open communication between companies.